Practical Information


We will provide a location for participants to sleep in Utrecht. In the spirit of student sleeping accomodations, this will be in the homes and rooms of students of our LAS programs. This way, you will fully experience Dutch student life! More information on the hosts will be provided to participants after their proposals are accepted.

Costs for participants

In order to facilitate all the costs for the conference, we will charge a minor entrance fee for those who want to participate. The specific amount has not been determined yet, but it will be no more than €25,-. This will cover for the main meals during the conference (lunches and dinners) and you will of course be provided a place to sleep. Bring some spare cash for other expenses such as drinks or if you want to go shopping.

Time of arrival and departure

We currently plan to start the conference Thursday the 10th of May in the late afternoon, and will be able to accommodate your arrival throughout the day on Thursday. Those who arrive early on the day will get a chance to go to their hosts’ place first or do a bit of sightseeing. We plan to end the conference sunday in the early afternoon.

For participants who are willing to make the most out of their stay, we plan to organise some early bird and long stay activities. If you arrive on the Wednesday the 9th of May we can give you more information on the city and join you in some fun things to do around here (not officially part of the program). More information on that soon. People who are willing to stay longer, we can organise some sightseeing in other parts of the Netherlands for you on Sunday afternoon after the conference has officially ended.